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May 2019 Print

President's Report

It is May in Alberta, both the weather and the political landscape are changing. Spring is always a time of renewal and growth so hopefully Jason Kenny and the United Conservative Party can stimulate some much needed activity for the Province.

The new government has declared to Canada and the rest of the world that “Alberta is open for business.” If that is the case, you as APICS and ASCM members stand to benefit as industry will start once again looking for qualified supply chain professionals to help guide them through this ever progressing economy. 

The APICS Dictionary, 13th edition, defines supply chain management as “the design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand, and measuring performance globally.” As Alberta struggles to get going, organizations are going to need supply chain professionals to ensure they are building a competitive infrastructure that can leverage technology by connecting to the supply chain and make everyday tasks simple, secure and productive.

Supply chain once was considered a business of simply moving things from one place to another. Today, it must be viewed as a data business. The ability to transfer and update information at every touchpoint is an indispensable core competency that Alberta companies will need to compete in the global market. 

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Your Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors

After a year of transition, we now have a full Board in place with all positions filled. Our current Board consists of the following members…

President – David Foxcroft 

VP of Administration – Sanaz Shoarinejad

VP of Marketing & Events – Ashish Thomas

VP of Communications – Jerrod Roch

VP of Membership – Denis Stolypin

VP of Education – Steve Cummings

Treasurer – Victor Abayomi Oluwi


Sandra Pieper

Christopher Goodrick


Please join us at our June AGM to officially vote in the new Board.

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We have had several members achieve certifications in the last year and we’d like to take this opportunity to recognize their achievements.

Gnane Faye – CSCP

Debra Jabs – CSCP

Marie Kutney – CSCP

Jerrod Roch – CSCP

Tarek Nouh - CLTD

We also just finished the CPIM part 1 course in April and 5 members are currently part way through their journey to CPIM certification. We wish them luck and support along the way.

If you are looking to just start your certification journey or need finish off your CPIM designation, check our website for class start dates. If the structure of a classroom setting isn’t for you, contact us about self-study options on our website at

You can also follow the APICS Edmonton Chapter on LinkedIn to keep in touch with your Supply Chain professional peers. 


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Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting:

On June 19th 2019, APICS Edmonton would like to invite you to our Annual General Meeting. This year's meeting will take place at the Highlands golf course and will feature a presentation by Gordon Sheppard of Meeting Leadership Inc. Gord will be presenting on "The Truth About Meetings (and how to fix them...)". During this honest and practical presentation Gord ‘tells it like it is’ about why so many of our meetings are so bad. But not only does he say the things out loud that you’ve been dying to say, he also offers practical solutions that will help you turn your meetings into a competitive advantage.

We will also present the annual state of the chapter update as well as vote in the new members of the Board of Directors. 

Join us!

Buffet Dinner & Presentation

Wednesday June 19, 2019

6:00 - 9:00 PM

The Blue Room

Highlands Golf Course

6603 Ada Boulevard

Register Today


During his 25+ years of work experience Gord has facilitated, run and participated in more than 2000 meetings! He has also produced a variety of online educational materials to help organizations reach their goals. He is a Professional Speaker, Meeting Facilitator, Consultant and Trainer who combines a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama, and Prosci Change Management Certification, to deliver a unique, people-centered approach that will help you and your organization to succeed.

Gord is the Author of the 'Meeting Leadership Solution’ which offers a proven 10-step system that will help you take action and turn your meetings into a competitive advantage. He is also the President of MLI Interactive which helps organizations learn how to produce and market their own online courses.

Gord has worked successfully with CEOs, Executives, Managers, Employees, Students and Volunteers across all sectors. You can hire Gord to facilitate meetings, help you build your organization strategy, teach you how to produce and market online courses, do leadership development, coach your team, speak at your event, do a customized meeting improvement workshop and more.

Gord is also a proud husband, father, brother and dog-walker. He also loves hockey, playing guitar, mentoring and volunteering for worthy organizations like the YEG Passport Rotary Club.

Presentation Details

  • Identify bad meeting habits and discover why it’s hurting your customers
  • Learn how to measure the actual cost of a meeting so you can stop wasting time and money
  • Get practical tips and information that you can apply immediately to make your next meeting more productive and profitable
  • Learn how to fire a bad meeting facilitator in the right way
  • Learn how to connect your meetings directly to your strategy so you can build a stronger organization and serve your clients at a higher level and more


This Keynote presentation is for Senior Leaders, CEOs, Managers, Board Members, Employees and Volunteers who are seeking education and inspiration to take control of unproductive meetings so they can build stronger organizations.

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